Professional advisory services for suppliers

Supplier information for panel members on the Professional advisory services contract.

Revisit to supplier base

If there is a revisit to the supplier base of this panel, notice will be published on the Buying for Victoria Tenders Portal.

Register for access to receive future tender notifications on the Buying for Victoria - Tenders(opens in a new window).

When registering select the following UNSPC code: 80000000 - Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services.

Lobbyist code of conduct

Victorian Government Professional Lobbyist Code of Conduct

Suppliers have obligations under the Victorian Government Professional Lobbyist Code of Conduct. This includes where suppliers may be carrying on lobbying activity.

Lobbying activity means any contact with a government representative to influence decision making.

Suppliers may have to register on the Victorian Register of Lobbyists(opens in a new window) where:

  • lobbying activity is being undertaken on behalf of a third-party client
  • lobbying forms a significant or regular part of the services offered by any person employed or engaged by the supplier.

Restrictions apply when engaging a former:

  • Executive public servant
  • Ministerial officer

These officers are prohibited from undertaking lobbying activities for any matter they had official dealings in their last 12 months of employment.

For further information contact the Victorian Public Sector Commission: