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Steps buyers need to follow to use the register.


Note the following administrative guidelines applicable from 1 July 2019:

These guidelines contain updated decision-making and approval requirements for labour hire and professional services use.

Buyers: Access to the register

Log in as a buyer to use the register and access templates, guides and categories (government users only).

Log in as a buyer

Register as a buyer (government users only)

Register as a buyer

Key benefits

Key benefits of this register include:

  • opportunities for IT industry to compete for business in a flexible online environment
  • a user-friendly platform
  • streamlined procurement process
  • built-in reporting
  • analytics component to track procurements over time

What’s covered?

Some of the services covered by this register include:

  • professional services for software and hosting services
  • hosted services, including software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • geo-spatial data services


This register doesn’t cover contract workers, temporary staff or hardware.

Supplier details

The list of approved suppliers is available on the VendorPanel platform.

Contact VendorPanel for technical issues on or at

Join this contract

To join this contract and access more information:

Step 1. Register for the contracts portal

Log in to the contracts portal to download confidential contract information.

Step 2. Register for VendorPanel

Once you have joined the contract and received approval from your category manager, you must register for VendorPanel.

Use this contract

Anyone using the contract portal must follow the rules of use:

Parliament, Freedom of Information and the Victorian Auditor-General's Office investigate transactions so be sure to document your entire process including advertising.

Buyers need to publish details of contracts valued $100,000 or higher on the contract publishing system (CPS) up to 60 days after the contract begins.

Department contract managers


Reviewed 10 December 2019

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