Close and review the contract

There are tasks you need to complete or consider when you end a contract or transition to a new supplier. Follow this advice to close a contract and review the outcomes.

Follow this advice when you end a contract or transition to a new supplier.

Close the contract

There are certain tasks you need to do when closing a contract. These may include:

  • assess whether deliverables have been met to the standards set in the contract
  • prepare a final report
  • get a final report from the supplier
  • organise handover of any data or intellectual property
  • organise any final payments to the supplier
  • follow asset management practices
  • follow record management practices
  • ensure contract disclosure details are current

Make sure you have a plan if you’re transitioning a contract to a new supplier. Ensure handover is smooth and thorough.

Check with your procurement governance unit about tasks you need to complete. They have specific advice if you are buying or building an asset and need to consider asset management.

Review the contract

  • review the contract after it is completed
  • document the lessons learnt throughout the contract
  • compare the outcomes of your procurement to your planning
  • assess the factors that accounted for any differences between planning and outcomes
  • consider how your organisation managed approvals
  • consider where to make improvements for future procurements
  • assess whether your planning supported successful tender and contract management processes
  • review the relationship with your supplier and consider how you could have improved the quality of the relationship
  • if your contract is for a service, ask stakeholders for feedback about how they found the service
  • document recommendations for improvements and share them with your organisation

Review supplier performance

The requirements to review supplier performance differ for goods and services, and construction.

You must review supplier performance for constructions procurements. This is under Direction and Instruction 8.2.

Supplier feedback review forms part of good contract management, it’s recommended to review supplier feedback for goods and services contracts.

Use the supplier customer satisfaction survey.

Key performance indicators and supplier performance scorecard tool
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