Consider a panel or register

Panels and registers reduce the time and effort it takes you to buy goods, works or services.

Panels and registers reduce the time and effort it takes you to buy goods, works or services. Suppliers listed on the panels or registers have already been assessed for their ability to provide goods, works or services.

Using a panel or register can be helpful to:

Benefits of using a panel 

Panels give the government an opportunity to develop a long-term partnership with a supplier. They are useful when buying goods, works or services that you need regularly.

Suppliers on panels understand they’re not guaranteed to be given work. However, they can assume you are likely to buy from them.

Open panels 

Open panels can accept new suppliers at certain times during the contract period.

Closed panels 

Closed panels are restricted to suppliers who were invited to the panel at the start of the contract.

Your ability to buy from a supplier panel is not affected by whether it is open or closed.

When to use a panel 

Check your organisation’s procurement rules to find out who can and who must use suppliers from a panel.

Each panel has its own rules. Based on these rules, you may be able to:

  • ask one supplier for a quote
  • ask several suppliers to provide quotes and explain their capabilities and capacity
  • If you find a panel that suits your needs:
    • read and follow the panel rules
    • use any mandatory templates to complete the buying process
    • contact a selected supplier(s) on the panel to check they’re interested and available
    • check the approval process; each panel has different requirements

Using registers 

Suppliers on registers are eligible to provide goods, works and services. They have passed assessment called ‘pre-qualification’ to show they can provide goods, works or services.

Suppliers on registers are pre-approved to either:

  • supply to the whole of government
  • supply to a specific government organisation

These suppliers do not currently have a contract with the government.

Information about suppliers on registers can include:

  • skills and resources
  • past performance
  • financial capacity
  • management and operating systems the supplier uses
  • how well the supplier follows the supplier code of conduct

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Remember rules and requirements for each register are different so you need to check them before contacting a supplier.


Reviewed 18 November 2019

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