Environmentally sustainable outputs — supplier fact sheet

Creating environmentally sustainable outputs reduces demand for virgin resources. Learn how suppliers can use alternative or recycled materials.

Reduce demand for virgin resources

Suppliers can reduce demand for virgin resources. They can swap them for alternative or recycled materials that perform just as well. 

The Victorian Government recommends that suppliers substitute alternative or recycled materials for virgin materials if permitted under, or specified in, the contract.

This approach frees supply to meet demand where there is no substitute for extractive resources.

It also helps prevent stockpiles of recovered materials such as:

  • glass
  • plastics
  • rubber, including tyres

Recovered materials can have a negative impact on the health, safety and environment of the Victorian community. 

Using recycled materials is a critical part of a circular economy. It allows Victoria to use and reuse resources in a sustainable and cost-effective way. 

Sustainability Victoria’s Buy Recycled Directory provides government buyers with easy access to suppliers and recycled material options when considering products for purchasing and infrastructure projects. Suppliers should list products containing recycled content in the directory. Suppliers can register their products on the Buy Recycled Directory registration page.


For more information about social procurement, please contact the Social Procurement team.