eServices register: update your Supplier Hub profile

IT businesses on the eServices Register must update their details on Supplier Hub.

About Supplier Hub

Supplier Hub is the front door to Digital Marketplace. It is a single, online platform where businesses can register their details and apply to be added to the eServices register and certain state purchase contracts.  

Business information from Supplier Hub profiles is fed through to the Digital Marketplace for government buyers to access.

Buyers will then reach out to suppliers through the Digital Marketplace using a Request for Quote. Suppliers can respond to the Request for Quote through Digital Marketplace.

Currently, only IT businesses are invited to register on Supplier Hub. Businesses from other industries will be encouraged to join in the future.

Other contracts and registers may be accessed on other systems. Browse Victoria's state purchase contracts and registers.

IT Infrastructure and eServices Register changes

IT businesses who were registered on the now-retired IT Infrastructure and eServices Registers were moved to the new Supplier Hub in December 2023.  

The two registers have now been merged to form a single eServices Register. This register is available to government buyers through the Digital Marketplace.

IT businesses that were a part of the now-retired IT Infrastructure and eServices Registers must ensure that their profiles are fully completed on Supplier Hub.

Businesses that do not have an updated or complete profile will eventually be unsubscribed from the eServices Register and removed from Supplier Hub.  

Update a Supplier Hub profile  

While all suppliers on the IT Infrastructure and eServices Registers have been moved to the new eServices Register on Supplier Hub, some business profiles are not yet complete.  

To avoid having a business removed from the eServices Register or Supplier Hub, make sure the steps below are completed.

Note: Businesses that were not on the eServices Register previously can follow instructions to join the eServices Register

Follow these steps to update a Supplier Hub profile

Help and support

Contact the Customer Support team for assistance.

Phone: 1800 840 966