Victorian Government’s social and sustainable procurement objectives and outcomes

Find out what objectives and outcomes the Victorian Government aims to achieve through social procurement.

  • The Government seeks to increase the value of procuring goods, services, and construction.  
  • The Government’s social procurement objectives are outlined in Table 1. 
  • The Government’s sustainable procurement objectives are outlined in Table 2. 

Social procurement objectives and outcomes 

Table 1 Victorian Government’s social procurement objectives 

Social procurement objectives Outcomes sought
Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people 
  • Purchasing from Victorian Aboriginal businesses 
  • Employment of Victorian Aboriginal people by suppliers to the Victorian Government 
Opportunities for Victorians with disability 
  • Purchasing from Victorian social enterprises and Australian Disability Enterprises 
  • Employment of Victorians with disability by suppliers to the Victorian Government 
Women’s equality and safety 
  • Adoption of family violence leave by Victorian Government suppliers 
  • Gender equality within Victorian Government suppliers  
Opportunities for disadvantaged Victorians 
  • Purchasing from Victorian social enterprises 
  • Job readiness and employment for: 
    • long-term unemployed people 
    • disengaged youth 
    • single parents 
    • migrants and refugees 
    • workers in transition 
Supporting safe and fair workplaces 
  • Purchasing from suppliers that comply with industrial relations laws and promote secure employment 
Sustainable Victorian social enterprise and Aboriginal business sectors 
  • Purchasing from Victorian social enterprises and Aboriginal businesses 
Sustainable Victorian regions 
  • Job readiness and employment for people in regions with entrenched disadvantage 

Sustainable procurement objectives and outcomes

Table 2 Victorian Government’s sustainable procurement objectives 

Sustainable procurement objectives Outcomes sought
Environmentally sustainable outputs 
  • Project-specific requirements to use sustainable resources and to manage waste and pollution 
  • Use of recycled content in construction 
Environmentally sustainable business practices 
  • Adoption of sustainable business practices by suppliers to the Victorian Government  
Implementation of the Climate Change Policy Objectives 
  • Project-specific requirements to minimise greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Procurement of outputs that are resilient against the impacts of climate change 

Tools and support 

This content on this page is taken from Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework. Access a PDF version in the social procurement document library

For more information about social procurement, please contact the Social Procurement team

Reviewed 07 October 2019

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