Intra-Government Secured Network (iGSN) contract

The iGSN is a data services contract for high bandwidth links between 100Mbps and 10Gbps


iGSN was established via a sole supplier with VicTrack. VicTrack is a Victorian Government statutory authority.

iGSN was specifically built to provide a high speed fully functional data network between key government CBD sites and the two Victorian Government data centres.

The contract commenced on 26 August 2008. It was framed as a five year contract with four two-year extensions to align it with contract terms of the two Victorian Government data centres.

The fourth extension due in August 2019 has been exercised.

Lead agency: Department of Premier and Cabinet

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number:

Arrangement type: Sole supplier

Start date: 26 August 2008

End date: 27 August 2021

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Key benefits

  • access to the iGSN network
  • secure data services
  • higher data bandwidths
  • efficient and reliable data services

What’s covered

  • high bandwidth data network services (between 100Mbps to 10Gbps)
  • The service is usually only available near public transport infrastructure or data centres

Supplier details


ABN: 55 047 316 805
Address: Level 8/1010 Latrobe Street Docklands VIC 3008
Contact name: Clyde Passagne
Role: Senior Account Manager
Phone: 03 9619 8748
Mobile: 0431 517 252

How to access this contract

Register on the contracts portal.

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Use this contract

Victoria Police and Public Transport Victoria are not mandated to use this contract.

Step 1. Identify business requirements

Contact the supplier if you need any clarification.

Step 2. Complete and submit a contract

Sign an approved iGSN contract. Submit signed contract.


Primary contact: Esmeralda Kesy (Category Manager)
Department: Department of Premier and Cabinet
Telephone: 03 7017 3437

Secondary contact: Lubaba Swarna (Contract Manager)
Department: Department of Premier and Cabinet
Mobile: 0436 475 779

Reviewed 29 December 2019

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