Neurodiverse confident services - supplier categories

Review counselling and training services available to identify which supplier can be used for each service category.


Amaze is a leading autism organisation driving change so that Autistic people and their families can live their best lives. Based in Victoria, Amaze was established over 50 years ago and has a national reach. 

For more information about Amaze, visit: Amaze - about

Employee services 

Not available

Manager services 

Autism Positive Employment – Manager Training  

The autism positive employment – manager training is broken down into two 2-hour modules, which can be delivered virtually or in-person. Preference is for the participant cohort to complete both Module 1 and Module 2.  

Training overview  

Module 1 – 2 hours includes:  

  • language used to describe autism and autistic people  
  • existing participant understanding of autism  
  • autism and employment  
  • current statistics and evidence on autism and employment  
  • why organisations benefit from employing autistic people  
  • what is autism positive employment?  
  • what does an autism positive workplace look like?  
  • what are the core elements of autism positive workplace practices?

Module 2 – 2 hours includes:

  • Legal landscape:  
    • reasonable adjustments (and why organisations should go beyond the legal requirements to provide adjustments)  
    • common helpful adjustments/modifications  
    • Covers areas such as:
      • flexibility 
      • physical work environment 
      • work structure 
      • processes
      • management 
      • teamwork
      • communication
      • social interactions
      • managing change
      • provides examples
      • advice on how to implement
    • determining what adjustments/modifications are appropriate, within the organisational context  
    • supporting wellbeing including:
      • mental health and autism  
      • trauma-informed approach  
      • managing for wellbeing  

Apart from line-managers, Amaze also offers an adjusted Module 2, for people and culture participants.

In the adjusted module, the adjustments/modifications section focusses on adjustments to human resources processes, including:

  • recruitment
  • induction
  • learning and development
  • performance management that support autistic candidates and employees

Aspergers Victoria

Aspergers Victoria is a peer-led, for-purpose organisation is celebrating autistics, their strengths and 31 years of support. Since 1991, Aspergers Victoria has been driven by the power of peer support and lived experience, delivering sector leading peer programs and services to empower neurodivergent Aspergers autistic community. 

For more information about Aspergers Victoria, visit: Aspergers Victoria

Employee services

Coaching for neurodiverse employees

Aspergers Victoria's team all have lived experience which they use to support autistic inclusion - programs are peer-codesigned and peer-delivered, crafted with lived experience insight and expertise.

Autistic coaching is available for existing and new employees.

Existing employees

Services provide support with:

  • self-understanding
  • communications approach
  • performance
  • career pathway
  • wellbeing

New employees

Services provide support with an organisation’s recruitment processes.

Aspergers Victoria career network

A new network that neurodivergent autistics who are employed or seeking employment can join to access support from mentors and coaches outside their organisation.

Employer services 

Team coaching

How to best work with different minds across your team.

Support consulting

How to access NDIS and other government employment support for autistics team members.

Other services include:

  • job design support
  • access to database of autistic individuals seeking work
  • group Training/Coaching sessions to build your organisation’s autistic knowhow
  • HR advice around policies and procedures, including:
    • recruitment
    • specialist tools created by Aspergers Victoria’s autistic team
    • performance management
    • team dynamics
  • help to establish or improve neurodivergent support networks
  • set-up and improve mentoring programs
  • organisations can become anAspergers Victoria employer member, which allows access specific support on a regular basis


Established in 2004, Specialisterne Foundation is an international not-for-profit social innovation enterprise. Specialisterne’s aim is to create greater employment opportunities for one million autistic people by influencing and working with employers to realise the potential of autistic employees.  

For more information about Speacialisterne, visit: Specialisterne Australia

Employee services 

Counselling for neurodiverse employees and ongoing business enablement, and support.

Autistic and neurodiverse employees can get support to manage workplace-related experiences like:

  • transition to a new role
  • addressing issues with an existing role
  • providing support and education to managers of autistic and neurodiverse employees

Manager services

Autism at work general awareness training includes:

  • understanding autism in the workplace
  • strengths of autistic employees 
  • addressing possible challenges at work 
  • strategies for success 
  • tips for a neurodiverse workforce

Tailored autism awareness training includes: 

  • understanding autism in the workplace
  • strengths of autistic employees  
  • addressing your new employees’ potential challenges at work 
  • strategies for success for your new employee 
  • tips for a neurodiverse workforce

Managing and supporting autistic talent to succeed in the workforce includes:

  • strengths of autistic employees 
  • support needs and common adjustments  
  • communication skills and tips for managing neurodiverse employees 
  • best practice for workplace support structure 
  • how to achieve the best outcomes working with autistic talent  
  • case studies

Autism awareness training for mentors includes:

  • understanding autism  
  • strengths of autistic employees 
  • what we know about possible challenges in the workplace (with strategies and solutions) 
  • tips for being more inclusive in a neurodiverse workforce 
  • unpacking the mentoring relationship, structure, and goals

Guide for human resource, diversity and inclusion teams to support autistic talent in the workforce includes:

  • understanding autism and employment 
  • best practice recruitment processes for autistic candidates, i.e., job ads, interviews, onboarding 
  • common reasonable adjustments
  • setting up internal support to best support neurodiverse employees 
  • benefits of a neurodiverse workforce
  • case studies

Neurodiversity in the workplace: tips for supporting jobseekers navigate their employment journey includes: 

  • understanding autism and employment 
  • tips for facilitating success for the neurodiverse workforce 
  • strategies for success in supporting your autistic candidates 

Capacity building and business readiness includes:

  • autism and neurodiversity in the workplace for managers, buddies, mentors, colleagues, employee assistnace program, human resource and diversity   
  • tailored manager/buddy training and coaching  
  • guidance on how to mentor autistic employees in the workplace  
  • guidance for human resource, diversity and inclusion teams to engage and support autistic talent in the workforce.

Disability employment services autism enablement training business readiness includes:

  • workplace environment assessments and business readiness consultancy
  • organisational audits - review of human resource practices and policies, consultancy on recruitment hiring, safety, and well-being 
  • autism and neurodiverse hiring program ad-on’s: 
  • accelerate transition training and workplace preparation for new autistic employees 
  • mentoring program - setting up and implementing an internal mentoring program for autistic employees

Supporting sustainable practices neurodiversity business consultancy: 

  • workplace coaching and enablement for current or pre-existing autistic employees and their managers
  • coaching for developing an inclusive recruitment process 
  • workplace environment assessments  
  • organisational audits - complete audit/review and process mapping of current recruitment, selection, and talent acquisition processes through the lens of diversity and inclusion, specifically focused on autistic and neurodiverse talents. 
  • coaching for assistance with planning for broader organisation implementation of neurodiverse inclusive organisational practice culture 
  • mentoring and enablement for an employment assistance program

Untapped Holdings

Untapped is a local Australian organisation based in Melbourne. Untapped has a broad-based range of activities relating to neurodiverse training and employment. This ranges from pathways to employment to ongoing development once employed.  

For more information about Untapped Holdings, visit: Untapped Group

Employee services

Counselling for neurodiverse employees includes:

  • one-to-one customised workplace support
  • raising awareness of individual thinking and processing styles
  • workplace accommodations
  • development of individualised strategies and goals
  • translating workplace social conventions
  • awareness  and advocacy
  • building resilience and independence
  • ongoing coaching and enablement

Manager services

Training for managers includes:

  • full implementation of the Untapped talent program including attraction, assessment, employment, and support of neurodivergent individuals
  • bespoke talent programs tailored to client requirements and budget 
  • neurodiversity awareness training for existing employees 
  • coaching of recruitment and human resource professionals to review and update existing processes and practices 
  • coaching of neurodivergent employee managers and supervisors on how best to manage and work with neurodivergent employees 
  • recruitment and assessment of neurodivergent individuals on the organisation’s behalf 
  • provision of tools to assist in the remote support of neurodivergent employees.

Vermont Consulting 

Vermont Consulting has over 30 years’ experience providing employment and business coaching, management consulting and work-place supervision to assist neurodiverse individuals, their managers and businesses to understand diversity in the workplace.  

Employee services

Support and counselling is available when a neurodiverse employee:

  • finds themselves in a difficult workplace situation (when in distress);  
  • for day-to-day work life (where an issue might exist which, needs to be resolved but there is no distress)  
  • has been newly diagnosed, to assist them to understand themselves in the context of their working world.  

Neurodiversity specialist employment coaching provides: 

  • support to both the neurodiverse employee and their managers to address issues of concern and create a more understanding, harmonious and productive work environment 
  • education to staff and co-workers to understand neurodiversity in the workplace and society in general
  • individual coaching to the neurodiverse employee and/or their manager and/or co-workers as well as providing autism/neurodiversity training to the team. 

Manager services

Develop a workplace adjustment passport

Workplace adjustment passport is used to identify and advocate for reasonable adjustment support in the workplace. For e.g.: what an employee might need and how to communicate with current, and future line-managers.

The workplace adjustment passport includes:  

  • assists the neurodiverse employee to understand their particular neurodiverse characteristics which impact on their work-ability 
  • helps the neurodiverse employee identify suitable management strategies which would assist them to work more effectively and productively 
  • provides a structured discussion document to educate and assist managers to understand the specific characteristics and challenges of their neurodiverse employee. 
  • provides a document which promotes a structured format through which the neurodiverse employee and their manager can discuss their expectations and rules in the workplace. 
  • provide clear documentation for an incoming new manager, when there is a change of managers for the neurodiverse employee 
  • empowers the neurodiverse employee to advocate on their own behalf with any future managers. 

Neurodiversity training 

We educate and support managers and co-workers in understanding diversity through the following key areas.

General autism/ADHD training 

The main aim of this training is for the training participants to understand: 

  • what neurodiversity and Autism is 
  • how neurodiversity impacts a person’s life  
  • neurodiversity in a human rights model of disability.

Targeted neurodiverse employee training  

This training for managers and co-workers:

  • focuses on identifying and implementing appropriate management strategies for specific neurodiverse/autistic employees.
  • assists managers to gain greater understanding and confidence in their management techniques for a particular neurodiverse employee.

Support and advice to an employee and/or management in the recruitment process

This can include:

  • selection support
  • attending interviews as an observer to help the interview panel build their autism awareness