Neurodiverse confident services 

This contract offers counselling to neurodiverse employees and training services to managers of neurodiverse employees and their teams.  


This contract offers counselling to neurodiverse employees and training services to managers of neurodiverse employees and their teams.

Find out more about neurodiversity in the workplace at the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

Lead agency: Victorian Public Sector Commission

Conditions of use: Non-mandatory

Contract reference number: 21-22-025

Arrangement type: Panel

Start date: January 2022

End date: December 2024

Key benefits

The key benefits of this contract include:

  • value for money
  • standard contract terms
  • vetted providers selected via an open tender process
  • different service options to meet requirements

What’s covered?

This contract covers the following services:

  • workplace enablement training for neurotypical line-managers, colleagues, and teams on neurodiversity awareness
  • counselling services for neurodiverse employees to navigate workplace activities


Amaze (21-22-025 B)

ABN: 15 600 724 949

Address: 678 Victoria St, Richmond VIC 3121


Contact name: Alexandra Lazarus-Priestley

Role: Executive Manager: Employment, Education & Training

Phone: 0481 561 240


Aspergers Victoria (21-22-025 C)

ABN: 47 066 180 983

Address: Power Neighbourhood House, 54 Power Ave, Ashwood VIC 3147


Contact name: Tamsin Jowett

Role: President

Mobile: 0431 545 027


Specialisterne (21-22-025 D)

ABN: 21 607 985 973

Address: Research Ave, Bundoora VIC 3086


Contact name: Jacinta Head

Role: Operational and Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 03 9088 8052


Untapped Holdings Pty Ltd (21-22-025 E)

ABN: 43 635 262 725

Address: Level 16, 414 La Trobe Street, Melbourne 3000


Contact name: Lesley Richardson-Winfer

Role: Chief People Officer

Mobile: 0459 806 203


Vermont Consulting (21-22-025 A)

ABN: 84 617 347 874

Contact name: Gayle Vermont

Role: Counsellor

Mobile: 0412 113 105


Supplier service categories

Review the Neurodiverse confident services - supplier categories to identify which supplier can be used for each service category.

The delivery and duration differ between suppliers, this allows the buyer to select the service which is best suited to the need.

How buyers join this contract

Buyers need to request access to the confidential information system to join this contract.

How buyers use this contract

Buyers must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Determine the service required

Review Neurodiverse confident services - supplier categories and select which supplier best suits the need based on the:

  • content
  • duration
  • cost

Step 2: Access the confidential information section

Check the pricing for each of the services required in the confidential information system.

Step 3: Discuss with the suppliers

Contact the supplier to determine their service capability or to obtain further clarity on services.

Step 4: Select the supplier and get internal approvals

Follow local Agency procurement process to seek all necessary approvals. This may include manager or diversity and inclusion team approval for the selected supplier.

To find out more about your local Agency process, contact the Agency's procurement team.

Step 5: Create a purchase order

Create a purchase order, using the Neurodiverse confident services - purchase order template.

Neurodiverse confident services - purchase order template
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Provide a copy of the completed purchase order to the: